Online Lottery at Parimatch India

Lotteries are among the most popular gambling activities on the planet. Many countries hold regular national games broadcasted live on TV. It comes as no surprise that multiple gambling sites in India are now providing different types of lotteries to their customers. Parimatch India was among the first betting websites in the country to adopt a wide variety of live lotteries. Nowadays, you won’t find a better solution for enjoying online lottery play in India than Parimatch’s official website and mobile applications. The company’s generous welcome bonus, along with other offers, will make gambling even more exciting, so make sure to check them out!

Initially, Parimatch was widely recognized as a sports bookmaker, but the company has extended its operations to provide multiple gambling activities. There’s a casino section with hundreds of games designed to satisfy the needs of any customer. The Parimatch online casino includes traditional activities, such as poker, roulette, and bingo, numerous slots, and some region-specific games. However, lotteries are placed in a separate section – live casino. The nature and rules of lottery make it impossible to design a respective single-player game, so all lottery-like activities on Parimatch are broadcasted live. 

It’s worth remembering that you won’t be able to access live games from Parimatch without a fully verified account. Fortunately, registration with the company is fast and simple. Here’s the way to set up a new profile:

  1. Visit the official Parimatch website and click Sign Up. This button can be found in the page’s top right corner. 
  2. You’ll be redirected to the registration page, which contains 2 fields – phone number and password. Make sure to enter a valid number, as it’ll be used to modify any personal data and clarify any possible issues. Strong passwords are essential to avoid security breaches, so create a memorable yet secure code. 
  3. Similar to any other online casino in Indian rupees, Parimatch will require you to go through a verification procedure to access real money bets. To verify your account, use any legal document that includes your birthdate (e.g. a passport or a driver’s license). Money earning games in India are available to citizens who have reached 18 years of age. 
  4. Make sure to fill in all obligatory fields in your account to access all capabilities of the site. Deposit, online cash games, bonus offers, and withdrawals won’t open until you complete the profile setup. 

The above-mentioned real money games aren’t the only option provided by Parimatch. In addition to paid lotteries, the company offers numerous demo activities. In fact, any game found in the Casino section has 2 versions – real money and complimentary ones. These games include slots, video poker, roulette, bingo, blackjack, and other similar activities. To access demo versions, you don’t even need to register a new account. Since complimentary games don’t involve betting real funds, they can’t be classified as online gambling, so even minors can play them without any limitations. It’s worth remembering that lottery-like games can be found only in Live sections of the site. 

How to Play Online Lottery?

Prior to discussing the rules of web-based games, let’s review the origins and history of lotteries. A lottery is a game of chance, which requires players to draw random numbers in the hope to win a certain prize. There are numerous activities that follow a similar pattern, including bingo, keno, multiple national lotteries, and many other games. The roots of all the identical activities are found in ancient China somewhat around 205 BC. The first-ever recorded lottery was, essentially, a prototype of modern keno, with small variations in the design. The Chinese government officially promoted lotteries as a way of funding public services, such as the construction of infrastructure facilities. Some even state that The Great Wall of China was partially funded through lotteries, though there is no solid historical evidence to support this point. 

The next significant step in the evolution of lotteries occurred during the reign of Augustus Caesar. The Roman lottery was totally different from keno in terms of rules, though both were used to fund public projects. By the late Middle Ages, lotteries became popular in most cities of Europe. Some of them, including the Dutch Staatsloterij and Italian Lotto, have been still played today. The Medieval lotteries closely resembled modern games, as they included all traditional elements of a lottery: purchasing tickets to participate, crossing out random numbers, and selecting a winner (or multiple winners) based on the number of correct guesses.

It’s worth remembering that lotteries come in numerous variations, so the rules of each particular game may vary. A typical Indian lottery you can find online involves picking a certain array of numbers. If they match the winning numbers, you’ll be awarded a prize depending on the quantity of correct picks. Parimatch provides several types of live lottery-like games, with the most remarkable ones being Lucky Numbers, 1BET, and Keno. To participate in any activity, you’d need to log in to an existing account or create a new one and make a deposit. In live games, winners are determined using a traditional lottery machine, which guarantees that the outcomes are 100% fair. 

Since Parimatch aims at creating the best lottery in India, the company provides multiple tools developed to make the game simpler and more convenient. Sports betting fans are familiar with a Betslip – bet management tool, designed to manage all current wagers within 1 tab. Not every lottery website around provides this feature. In addition, Parimatch’s lotteries are hosted by professional dealers with years of experience in the industry. They’ll do everything to deliver the best online casino experience you can find on the web. Parimatch’s lottery India is notable for the outstanding picture quality. The wide spread of 4G LTE standard in the country allows players to access the high-quality video from any location, so you can enjoy lotteries whenever and wherever you want.  

How to Win Lottery in India?

If you are here to play an India lottery for real funds, you are probably searching for a way to achieve sustainable, long-term profits. Unfortunately, there is no reliable strategy to predict the outcome of each game. Any lottery is heavily dependent on chance, meaning that one’s skills don’t have any influence on the game’s results. Unlike in blackjack and baccarat, the gaming club that holds a lottery-like activity always has an advantage over the players. Here’s a mathematical proof of lotteries’ random character: the probability of correctly guessing 1 out of 49 numbers is, as you might have guessed, 1 in 49. Considering the low price of most lottery tickets, this number is quite reasonable. However, 1 correct guess will hardly bring you any significant rewards. In fact, it may not even cover the price of the ticket. The possibility of guessing 2 numbers is 1 in 1,176. Hitting a jackpot commonly requires you to guess all 6 numbers correctly. Seems like an easy task? Well, you might be surprised to find out that the probability of this event happening is 1 in 13,983,816 cases. 

Despite the above-mentioned problems, winning a lottery is not impossible. Of course, you could rely on luck solely, which is just what most people do when buying lottery tickets. If you’re planning to participate in national lotteries held every once in a while, this is actually the only thing you can do. However, online lotteries from Parimatch have a significant advantage over traditional games – they are much more fast-paced. Unlike the state-owned games, Parimatch’s lotteries are being held constantly. There’s always a game going on, so you can build a reliable long-term betting strategy using common sense and some knowledge of the gambling industry. Much like you would do in roulette, to play and win money in lotteries, you need to forget about predicting the outcomes of the games and concentrate on creating proper wagers. Here are some of the most frequently applied betting strategies around:

Is Lottery Legal in India?

Is an online lottery in India legal? This is the first question many people ask since most states forbid traditional lottery-like activities. However, answering it isn’t as simple as it may seem. Citizens of India aren’t allowed to organize real money games, whether physical or online. The state of Sikkim holds the only legal lottery in India; other states aren’t following the example. Fortunately, you don’t need to reside in Sikkim to participate in it, as wagers from all over the country are accepted. In addition, foreign companies are allowed to provide gambling services to the citizens of India. Parimatch holds all licenses necessary to offer real money games. The company also provides bets in Indian rupees, which is another essential condition that offshore companies must fulfill to enter the Indian market. Overall, there won’t be any legal consequences for participating in lotteries on