Try Online Bingo at Parimatch India

Bingo may not be the most popular casino activity ever, but it’s certainly worth checking out if you prefer slow-paced, calm gameplay. Similar to other real money games found on the web, online bingo resembles its physical counterpart in many ways. However, online bingo for money has some clear advantages over the traditional game. You can enjoy the game from any convenient location, be it your own dwelling, public transport, line in the airport, or another place. Almost every bingo game online offers valuable bonuses and rewards for newcomers and returning players. The only thing remaining to do before trying out the game is finding a reliable casino with the most profitable promotions and high-quality software. Fortunately, there is an online casino in Indian rupees that you can trust – 

The company started its operations more than 25 years ago, originally providing sports betting services. Today, the Parimatch club is the leading gambling company in European, Asian, and African markets. The bookmaker operates in India absolutely legally under a license from the government of Curacao. When it comes to bingo, Parimatch is clearly the best online casino you can choose. The company provides multiple lotteries of such type, including several themed games. Considering the complicated situation with physical gambling in India, online solutions from Parimatch deliver the best bingo experience you can receive in the country. 

History and Origins of the Game

It’s difficult to say exactly when and how bingo was invented. The first references to a similar activity are found in 16th-century Italy. During the following centuries, bingo spread to all European countries and gained some popularity in the United States. It’s worth noting that the designs of bingo cards varied from one place to another. There’s no established standard up to this day – every country has its own version of bingo, so don’t be surprised to see terms like British or American Bingo. 

The modern design of bingo cards along with the first established set of rules appeared in the early 20th century in the US. Hugh J. Ward introduced his version of the game to traveling carnivals around Pennsylvania, and it quickly became popular among traveling artists and visitors. Soon after the initial success, in 1933, Ward claimed a copyright for the game’s rules. However, the boom in bingo’s popularity started thanks to another person – a toy merchandiser from New York, named Edwin Lowe. During his journey to Atlanta in late 1929, he noticed a group of people playing Ward’s version of bingo. Lowe quickly realized that this game could bring him a significant profit, so he introduced bingo to his friends in New York. 

Lowe was absolutely right in his predictions – bingo became an instant hit. It was extremely cheap and simple to play, so anyone could access the game. Lowe established a company and began selling 2 versions of the game – a $1 12-card set and a $2 24-card option. Some 10 years after Lowe’s journey to Atlanta, bingo was known everywhere across the United States. 

How to Play Bingo Games?

To take part in a bingo game, one needs to purchase a respective ticket. Depending on the version of bingo you are playing, the ticket will contain a different number of tiles. For instance, British bingo uses 3 tickets with 27 tiles on each of them, arranged in 3 rows and 9 columns. The total number of tiles is 90, meaning that you’ll need to purchase a strip of 6 tickets to be able to mark off every number. Indian bingo, also known as Tambola, closely resembles the British version. After purchasing a ticket, you need to wait for a caller to announce the beginning of the game. The caller then starts announcing numbers. The latter ones are drawn in a random order, so there’s no way to predict which numbers will win in a given game. If an announced number is on your ticket, make sure to cross it out immediately. For the game to finish, one of the participants must end up with a certain winning pattern (commonly a line of 5 numbers, but the combinations may vary). The winner shouts out “Bingo” or “Yes” to notify everyone of their victory. The winning tickets are examined by the caller to ensure that the game was fair. 

Online bingo is quite similar to its traditional counterpart, though some aspects of the game may be different. There is no caller announcing the winning numbers; you’ll just see them appearing on the screen. There’s no need to attend a gaming club either – just log in to your account and play from wherever you wish. In addition, some legislations forbid using electronic random number generators in physical bingo; such solutions are considered unfair. The web version of the game uses software to determine a winner. But is this software trustworthy? Absolutely! All the casino games you can find on Parimatch were tested by their developers and then by the bookmaker to ensure that the software produces 100% fair results. Playing web bingo for money with Parimatch is completely safe. The best bingo offers from Parimatch include 11 exciting lotteries with different designs. It’s worth remembering that some of the games will require you to install Adobe Flash Player. 

Many players wonder whether it is possible to design a strategy that would guarantee consistent winnings over a significant time. Well, bingo is totally a game of chance, meaning that its results don’t depend on a player’s actions. The only way you can influence the outcome of each round is by purchasing more tickets. However, this strategy isn’t applicable in many versions of online bingo since they don’t include traditional elements of the game, such as 9×3 tickets. In addition, web casinos are doing their best to ensure that their software is 100% unpredictable. It’s safe to say that building a reliable long-term strategy based on predicting the outcomes of each round in bingo is impossible. 

Online bingo has a significant advantage over the traditional game – since there’s no calling out numbers, the rounds are much faster, somewhat resembling roulette. Therefore, you can apply one of the popular betting strategies, such as the Martingale method, to bingo. These strategies are based on changing your bet amount rather than trying to find consistent patterns in the game. When choosing a betting technique to apply, carefully review its advantages and downfalls and ensure that it fits your playing style.

Mind that the Parimatch online casino includes 2 versions of every game: real money and demo. The difference between the 2 is quite significant, so let’s take a closer look at both variants:

Live Bingo in Parimatch

Unfortunately, there is no bingo live online currently available on Parimatch. The nature of this game makes it impossible to launch a live broadcast for the audience, so the company provides only single-player virtual bingo. However, it’s worth remembering that bingo isn’t the only lottery worth attention. There are several bingo-like activities at Parimatch’s live casino, so consider checking them out if you are looking for live online bingo. Even though Tambola is one of the top games of India, the country doesn’t hold a national lottery. Only the state of Sikkim has an official, governmentally supported online lottery (yet, any citizen of India can participate in it – there are no limitations whatsoever). 

Best Bingo Bonus in Parimatch

Parimatch recognizes the importance of bonuses and promotions, so the company has issued a number of deals to satisfy all customers. Here are some of the most popular offers:

Unfortunately, Parimatch isn’t currently providing a no deposit casino bonus in India. All the promotions require you to invest a certain sum to claim. Considering the number of available bonuses and the amount of free money that each of them offers, this seems to be a reasonable decision. Make sure to use your bonuses wisely, and your bingo games will become a great source of profit.